Biosafety and Biosecurity Training Course – Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Begin a Lifetime of Learning with a Week of Training at The 2017 ANNUAL BIOSAFETY and BIOSECURITY TRAINING COURSE, July 13 to 20, at the Hilton Hotel, Fort Collins, Colorado. 3 sessions are available: Animal Session, General Session, and Plant Session.

You will receive intensive, participatory training on most aspects of Biosafety and Biosecurity including exercises, tours, audit and inspection discussions, and Q&A. Depending on your area of expertise, three sessions are available: Animal Session will be animal oriented, General Session will be general Biosafety and Biosecurity training, and Plant Session will be plant oriented.BioSymbol_big-text(3)darkRed

Topics include Biosafety and Biosecurity in: (topic details)

  • General Biosafety
  • Biosafety and Biosecurity in animal research and veterinary clinics
  • Plant research and diagnostics (includes a plant research facility tour)
  • Select Agent regulation updates (Tier 1)
  • Laboratory and Select Agent inspection preparations
  • Building design and operations
  • Ethics and Culture of Biosafety
  • Clinical and Public Health Lab Biosafety

Please direct questions to Robert Ellis, Course Director or call at: 970–491–8268.
Course information and program (Casual Dress).

Partnering with the Elizabeth R. Griffin Foundation – “Safer Together”