2019 Biosafety and Biosecurity Training Course


Animal Session: July 8-9


General Session: July 9-11


Plant Session: July 11-12

Begin a Lifetime of Learning via the 2019 BIOSAFETY and BIOSECURITY TRAINING COURSE. BBTC is instructed by 18 topic experts and is held on-site in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The BBTC presents three sessions: General Session, Animal Session, and Plant Session. Take all sessions, an individual session, or a combination of sessions.

NOTICE: The Biosafety and Biosecurity Training Course (BBTC), Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, will be instructed and held on-site in Fort Collins, Colorado.

You will receive intensive, interactive training on most aspects of Biosafety and Biosecurity including exercises, a greenhouse tour, audit and inspection discussions, and Q&A.

Depending on your area of expertise, three sessions are available individually or combined: General Session will be general Biosafety and Biosecurity training, Animal Session will be animal oriented, and Plant Session will be plant oriented.

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Topics include Biosafety and Biosecurity in: (all topic details)

  • General Biosafety
  • Large animal facilities and containment, ABSL-2 and ABSL-3
  • Animal field investigations
  • Prion Disease Research
  • Plant research and diagnostics (includes a modern research greenhouse tour)
  • Plant regulations and permit procedures
  • Select Agent regulation updates (Tier 1)
  • Laboratory and Select Agent inspection preparations
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Management Application
  • Building design and operations
  • Ethics and Culture of Biosafety
  • Clinical and Public Health Lab Biosafety

Please direct questions to Robert Ellis, BBTC Course Director and Founder, or call at: 970–567-6607.

Course information and program.