2019 Course Registration

The on-site course topics will be presented July 8-12, in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.

Method of Payment: (select one) 1) check____, 2) credit card____, 3) cash____

Deadline to register for sessions is June 17, 2019.

1) Register for course by mail:
a) Send a check with your completed registration form.
(Check must be received and have cleared the bank before registration is considered paid.)
b) Print (download) this form, send the completed form with payment to Dr. Robert P. Ellis, Course Director.

Make check payable to “Biosafety and Biosecurity Course”: Send payment to:

Dr. Robert P. Ellis, BBTC Director
3185 Rampart Road
Research Innovation Center 2025
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO USA 80523-2025


2) Register for course and pay by credit card:
a) Print (download) this form and send the completed form to robert.ellis@colostate.edu, Dr. Robert P. Ellis.
b) Pay by credit card: To credit card payment button at bottom of page (button will be available later)


3) Register for course by a cash payment:
a) Print (download) this form and send the completed form to robert.ellis@colostate.edu, Dr. Robert P. Ellis.
b) Pay cash at the on-site registration table prior to course attendance.

Please register for the course by completing the following form information; send information to Dr. Ellis:

NOTICE: The 2019 BBTC Program will apply for the ABSA International (American Biological Safety Association) Certification Maintenance Points (CM Pts) for biosafety professionals. General Session 2.0 CM Points; Animal Session 1.5 CM Points; Plant Session 1.5 CM Points.

For what sessions are you paying?
a) Animal + General + Plant Sessions ($2100 US Dollars) ________
b) Animal + General Sessions ($1900 US Dollars) ________
c) General + Plant Sessions ($1900 US Dollars) ________
d) General Only Session ($1000 US Dollars) ________



Department of Affiliation: ________________________________________________________________

City:_________________________________ State:________ Zip/Country:_________________________


E–mail: (type or print)____________________________________________________________________

*Payment by credit card. Complete both Step a) and Step b):
Step a) Make your payment by credit card at Box 1 or Box 2, below. (Box with button will be available later)
Step b) Email to, Dr. Ellis, your registration information from the above form.

Box 1. Select your sessions from the drop down window, and pay at the button in box number 1.
If you are paying for someone else please insert their name and email in the comment box.
Box 2. If you are paying a varied amount (for example: an amount not listed in Box 1.), pay at the button in box number 2.
If you are paying for more than one person, pay with the button in box number 2.

Note: Once you have clicked on a “Pay Now” button, the option to pay with a debit or credit card is near the bottom of the next screen(s). You do not need an account to use the debit or credit card payment option.

REFUND POLICY: Registration fee full refund less 5%, if requested within 45 days of deadline; 50% refund from 44–22 days before deadline; no refund if requested 21 days or less before deadline.