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NOTICE: The on-line interactive 2018 BBTC-Global Program has been approved for the ABSA International (American Biological Safety Association) Certification Maintenance Points (CM Pts) for biosafety professionals: General Session 2.5 CM Points; Animal Session 1.75 CM Points; Plant Session 1.75 CM Points.

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Meet The Course Director and Founder, Dr. Robert Ellis

The BBTC-Global is a remote-based course presented through an interactive Learning Management System, and is facilitated by Mr. Sean Kaufman.

The course module presentations will be recorded and will allow you to access the recordings for later review. The module recordings will be available for a limited amount of time (approximately 2 months).

Topics include the most current information for the following:

General Session: June-July, 20 hours presented in 10 modules (4 hours per week) – will be general Biosafety and Biosecurity.
Topics to be covered include rDNA/Synthetic NA (recombinant DNA) Guidelines; Risk assessment; Entity specific inspection and audit preparations and responses; Entity Specific Audit Program; Select Agent regulations and changes, administration, and inspection preparations; Design and management of insectaries; HEPA filters and biosafety cabinet certification; BSL–2 and BSL–3 Building Design and Operations; Synthetic Biology, Dual Use Research of Concern Guidelines/Oversight; Clinical and Public Health Lab Biosafety; and Ethics and Culture of Biosafety.

Animal Session: July, 14 hours presented in 7 modules (4 hours per week); will be animal oriented.
Topics to be covered include large animal ABSL–2 and –3 facilities design, containment and management; Laboratory animal ABSL–2 and –3 facilities design, containment and management; Veterinary hospital, clinic, and farm and ranch Biosecurity [infection control]; Prion disease research Biosafety; and Select Agent inspection preparations.

Plant Session: August, 14 hours presented in 7 modules (4 hours per week); will be plant oriented.
Topics to be covered include Greenhouse design and management; Regulations and permit procedures; Containment of recombinant plants; Infectious disease research with plants; Biopharmaceuticals; Plant disease diagnostic lab network; Diseases of crops; and Select Agent inspection preparations.

Participants include individuals from universities, private industry, and government. Disciplines represented include biosafety, laboratory designers, laboratory management, program managers, veterinarians, vivarium management, maintenance and engineering, and facility operations.

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2018 Registration and Payment Information

The cost for the course is:

* General, Animal, and Plant Sessions, (Complete Course) June-July-August 2018: $2100

* General and Animal Sessions: $1600

* General and Plant Sessions: $1600

* General Only Session: $1000

* Animal Only Session: $700

* Plant Only Session: $700

Registration fee includes all course material and a course completion certificate.


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1) Go to “course registration”, download registration form, email the completed registration form or information to Dr. Ellis.
2) Pay the registration fee at the payment options listed at the bottom of the website course registration page.

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Please complete the registration form now to secure your position in the course. All registration fees must be paid in advance to receive access to the interactive on-line course sessions. Once you are registered for the course, Mr. Sean Kaufman, course facilitator, will contact you.

REFUND POLICY: Registration fee full refund less 5%, if requested within 45 days of the deadline; 50% refund from 44 – 22 days before the deadline; no refund if requested 21 days or less before course deadline.

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